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Having Fun!

by bquick

images[5]Hi Everyone, Suzie here!  I’ve been having fun teasing Daddy, but he doesn’t look like he thinks it’s as much fun as I do.  I tell Mommy that I have to go out, then I look over or toss my head toward Daddy, so she will tell Daddy that I need to go out.  So then, after he gets up and walks over to “my chair” to get my leash, I follow him, and as he reaches for me, I hop and skip and dance away from his reach.  I am really having fun teasing him!  Then, if I have any food or biscuits left, I eat, watching to see that he is waiting for me to come back to him.  If he puts the leash down or goes into another room, I go lie down and watch for him to come back, so I can play my “game” with him all over again.  I don’t know why Daddy doesn’t think that’s a fun game, but I sure do!  I like to play that “game” at least once a day, and some days I even do that several times.

I have another “game” that I sometimes play with Daddy.  When he takes me out, sometimes I just wanted to go look around.  Once I see there is nothing out there to interest me, I head for the house.  Daddy doesn’t seem to think that is having fun either.  I sure do though!  I only do that game once in a while.

I am actually having fun when I tell Mommy to tell Daddy I want to go out.  If Mommy isn’t in the room and I really need to go out, I do tell Daddy, but it’s really more fun to “talk” to Mommy and have her tell Daddy what I am saying.  She guesses really well when I talk to her!  Sometimes Daddy either doesn’t understand what I am telling him, or sometimes I think he wants to ignore me, so I go tell Mommy then too.

I have yet another “game” I like to play.  While Mommy and Daddy are eating I go find one of my favorite balls; I especially like the squeaky ones.  Then I run around playing ball by myself for a few minutes right in front of them so they can see how much fun I’m having.  Then I toss the ball to one of them.  Usually I toss it on the floor near them, but a couple of times it went up higher and almost landed in their food.  They didn’t think that was too good, so then I have to give up playing while they finish eating.  I can sense when I’ve done something that wasn’t good, even without them scolding me.  Most of the time that “game” goes really well though, and when they finish eating they do throw the ball for me, until I get tired and go lie down.

Well, I think I’ll go lie down for nap now, so Mommy and I will write more again soon.


I’m back!

by bquick

Hi, everyone!  It’s me, Suzie, with my human Mommie’s help, telling you my story.  Mommie has been so busy that we didn’t get to write as often as I would like, but, today, I’m back!  I have to tell you — there are certain things I really don’t like.  The vacuum ranks pretty high in my dislikes!  It really worries me a LOT!   Mommie and Daddy try to tell me that it won’t hurt me (or them!), but I am just not convinced.  I am sure happy when it’s not being used!!  Oh, I do have other dislikes too, but the vacuum is something that I have to be around oftener than rain, thunder, firecrackers, and other noisy, scary, annoying things.

I have lots of things I like too.  I LOVE burgers of all kinds!  I don’t care if they are made from yummy beef, or tasty turkey or chicken, or even “fishy” salmon!  I love them all!!  Mommie said she read that dogs don’t usually like fish of any kind, but I don’t think a dog wrote that, because it’s wrong.  I do like most kinds of fish, or maybe it’s just the way Mommie cooks it.  If she tells me we are having any kind of burger, I hang out near the kitchen to be sure she remembers to fix a little for me.  I think if she sees me, she will know that I want some!

Mommie and Daddy think it’s “cute” the way I like to lie somewhere nearby when Mommie is working on her computer.  Of course, when we are working on my stories, I have to be nearby.  Other times, if Daddy is in the shower, or sleeping, or outdoors, I just like to be near Mommie.  I have to let her know if I hear anything I think I should tell her about.  She tries to shush me, but if it is some other dog barking, or a sound I don’t recognize, or anything I think I should warn her about, I bark pretty loudly.  She tells me that everything is okay, and that there is no reason to bark, but I just know better.  She just doesn’t realize there could be something “bad” nearby!  She tells me it’s “clear outside” and we are “in the house nice and safe,” but I don’t always agree, and I usually have to have the last “word” (or bark) in those “discussions.”

Sometimes Mommie talks on her little computer (I think she told me it’s called a laptop).  My Uncle Jim and Mommie talk on that laptop with something she calls Skype.  I like to listen, but when Mommie tries to show me where Jim is, I get very nervous because I can’t find him.  She turns her computer toward me, but I go around back of it looking for him.  How could he be in that little thing!  It’s so flat and small, he just can’t be in there!  It’s not like the big TV where I can see dogs and cats and people.  Sometimes I even get kind of nervous with the big TV, because if there was really a dog in there, wouldn’t it come out into the living room so we could play?  Mommie and Daddy tell me I’m pretty silly, but I think they are the silly ones and I’m the one who really knows what’s going on!

Well, I missed my nap when the vacuum was running.  So, now that the house is quiet again, I think I will take a nice nap.  I’ll talk to you pretty soon again.


Suzie Is Here — I’m Back!

by bquick

SuzieWell, I’m back — finally!  My human Mommie has been soooo busy lately she told me she just didn’t have time to tell our story for a while.  It seems like a lot is always going on!

I don’t think I’m going to get my second walk today because it’s 104 degrees outside right now!  Mommie and Daddy said it’s too hot for both Daddy and me to go walking!  We did get to go this morning when it was still only in the 70′s.  I’m sure happy that we have air conditioning because our home is nice and comfortable.  I can spread out on the carpet right under the ceiling vent and enjoy the nice cool air!  I know just where all of the cool spots are, and when I’ve been outside to go potty, I can go spread out under any of those nice, cool spots when I’m back inside again.

My human sister’s fiance Marion was here a few days ago and saw some hornets or wasps going in and out from behind the shutters by our kitchen window.  He sprayed some special spray into there and some dead wasps fell out, and then, to everyone’s surprise, a couple of bats flew out and flew away.  None of us could figure how they even fit in that little, tiny space between the shutter and the siding.  Wow!  That day was pretty exciting!!

A few days ago when Mommie and Daddy went shopping at Costco, Mommie brought me home a little piece of her hot dog.  When they go there I don’t mind too much because I can always look forward to that treat when they get home.  One time Mommie forgot about the piece of hot dog in her purse for a couple of weeks.  Then when she found it she said she had to throw it out because it might make me sick.  I don’t like to get sick, so I didn’t get too upset.  Now, though, I try to remind her when they get back home again, because I can smell the hot dog when they come in the door.

When Mommie and Daddy are watching TV I get pretty excited when I hear someone whistle or when a dog barks.  Mommie always tells me that is just on “some silly ad.”  Sometimes I’m not really sure she is right because it sure sounds like it’s real and there is either a person or a dog right in our living room!

Mommie spends quite a bit of time on her computer, so I like to lie near her.  That way I am ready to spring into action when she turns off the computer and gets up to do something else.  It usually means she is about to fix some food for all of us.  I always get a little taste of whatever they are having and I really like that!  They always laugh when she tells Daddy that his plate is ready because I come running really fast in case there might be something more for me.  You know, maybe she forgot she already gave me my taste!

Well, it’s really time for a nice nap under the air vent, so I will be back again as soon as Mommie can make some time!



Happy Suzie!

by bquick

images[5]I’m Suzie and today I am a really happy Suzie!  I got to go on two walks with my human Daddy and I LOVE walks!  It was a little bit cooler today, so my second walk didn’t have to be quite as late in the day.  Hooray!  Of course, I was ready to go all afternoon, but Mommy and Daddy worry when it’s hot outside.  They are afraid I will get burned feet.  Mommy told Daddy he should put his hand on the pavement to check first, just to be sure it’s okay to walk.  We didn’t get to go quite as far because we couldn’t go our regular way.  That barking little bulldog was out there and the minute we started out the door, it started in barking loudly.  So Daddy took me a different direction so we wouldn’t get close to that noisy dog.  I thought we made friends a few days ago, which made me and Daddy happy, but after we checked each other out from head to tail, that darned dog started barking loudly at me and Daddy.  We had to get out of there really fast then because neither one of us wanted to have that darned dog attack us.  Today the dog quit barking when we didn’t go near it, so that was good.

Tonight Mommy cooked chicken tenders with teriyaki liquid on them and I got to have some little bites of it too.  I really liked it a lot!  Of course I would have liked to have a lot more than I got, but I was happy to have anything I really like.  Oh, I like a lot of things that they have!  I even eat little bits of veggies if I have meat that I like.  Once in a while they have something that I don’t like, so then Mommy gives me some ham or chicken like we had at lunch that day.  I guess she saves some for me and I’m always happy about that!

Today I kept listening for the mail truck, but Mommy and Daddy told me today was a holiday and the mail truck wasn’t coming.  I wasn’t sure about that, so I did keep listening.  I guess maybe they were right because I never did hear it.  Did I tell you before, I tell them when the mail truck goes by, and I tell them when the alarm clock starts to ring too.  That makes them happy and I love helping them.

I’m so happy every morning when we go for our walk, and then Daddy brushes me after we get home.  Mommy tells me how pretty I look when we come in.  I like that!  When it’s raining we don’t get to go on a walk because I don’t really like to walk in the rain.  But it’s been a little while now since we had rain, so we have been on lots of great walks!  Even though Daddy and I are both getting older, I sure do love those walks!  I am happy Suzie most of the time!

I’ll write again soon — as soon as Mommy can help me again!


Suzie – Here I Am Again!

by bquick

Hi, Everyone, I’m back.  ”Mommy” has been so busy for a while now that we haven’t written anything during that time.  I’m happy because “Mommy” is home most everyday now – except when she and “Daddy” go shopping or to the doctor or something like that.  I’m not ever exactly sure just where they go.  They do tell me, but a lot of times I’m still not really sure.  I’m just always really happy when they get home!  I can hardly wait until they get the door unlocked and come in!  I’m really good now and I don’t jump on them, I just wag my tail really hard and come over to them so they can give me a nice pet on my head.  Mommy always asks if I’ve been a good girl while they were gone, and she knows I’m saying, “Yes!” when I wag my tail in answer.  Sometimes I get to go somewhere with them, but as I’ve gotten older, I don’t really enjoy riding in the car too much.  One time there was ice on the street and it was so bumpy and noisy as we rode, it really got me scared, so I always worry that might happen again when I go with them in the car.

One Sunday morning just before Mommy and Daddy left for church, Mommy took me outside to go potty.  I guess I did something pretty naughty that day!  We were heading back toward the door, when I saw a neighbor and his two dogs.  Mommy told Daddy later that she didn’t see them.  Well, those dogs are some of my friends, and I RAN to greet them.  I guess when I ran it surprised Mommy and all of a sudden she was on the ground and I just kept pulling.  She told Daddy that she had to grab the trunk of a shrub with her free hand so I wouldn’t pull her clear out onto the road.  Gosh, I don’t know why she wasn’t just as excited as I was about seeing our friends!  The neighbor seemed so worried about her that he didn’t even speak to me.  When she got up, she made me go into the house and I didn’t even get to visit with my friends.  She really scolded me!!  She said that she was really hurting, but they went on to church anyhow.  I didn’t even get my usual treat when they left, I guess because I had been naughty.  Mommy has worn a thing around her neck for a long time now whenever they go somewhere, and I heard her tell people that she has a bad neck.  I didn’t know, but I guess when I pulled her down, she could have gotten really hurt bad, but luckily she didn’t!  I don’t always understand some things.  I’m only half Mommy’s size, so how come I could pull her down?  A couple of days later I saw that one dog that always wants to pick a fight with me, and I was really ready to protect myself and Daddy.  Daddy told Mommy I almost pulled him down that day, but another neighbor grabbed my leash and helped Daddy hold me back.  I did get scolded then too.  I guess I’m stronger than I thought, and I guess they aren’t as strong as they used to be.  That’s really hard to remember though!

Oh, we had another thunder storm a week or two ago.  I tried to be really brave, but I was glad Mommy and Daddy were close by and I could go sit by them.  It didn’t stop me from shaking right away, but it did help me to feel a little safer.  They kept telling me that it was just a big noise outside, and we were inside and nice and safe.  I wasn’t too convinced, but that big noise did finally stop — or it went somewhere else anyhow.  Everything was okay then, so I was happy!

I will write more another time, with Mommy’s help.  Now, I get to go for a walk with Daddy!


It’s Me, Suzie (with Help from My “Mommy”)

by bquick


Hi, Everyone!

Since I’m a dog, I am having some help with what I want to tell you.  My “Mommy” can use the computer, and I can’t, so she is typing this for me.

Mommy and Daddy are so happy about the rain that we’ve had the last few days.  I’m not nearly as happy as they are!  When I have to go to the bathroom, I have to go outside and stand in the rain, and I REALLY don’t like that.  In fact, I try not to eat or drink much when it’s raining, because then I can wait longer before I have to go outside.  Daddy takes me out, but he has a jacket and hat he puts on before we go out the door.  I go out and get all wet, then he does dry me off with my towel, and unless it’s really pouring, I do get pretty dry.  But — I still don’t like the rain!!

When it rains, we don’t get to go on a walk, and I love walks!  It’s been too many days now that we couldn’t walk because of the wet, cold rain.  I hope it quits pretty soon!  The other time we can’t walk is in the summer when it gets too hot.  One day the street burned my feet, so Mommy told Daddy he couldn’t take me for a walk when it’s really hot.  This year we didn’t have any rain for a long time, and it wasn’t that hot, so we got to go on two walks some days.  I loved that!

Mommy said someone must have dumped a cat here because now a cat greets me every time I go out and when I come in.  I tried to get the cat to play one day, and did my little “play dance,” but the cat just meowed loudly at me and wouldn’t play with me.  I tried another time, and the silly cat just laid there all curled up and wouldn’t even look at me.  Some days the cat and I touch noses as I go by, but not that day.  I might be eleven and a half years old, but I still like to play!  I can’t play as long at a time as I used to, but it’s still fun to run and play.  I grab a ball or toy and run through the house.  If I lose the ball or toy in one of the rooms that’s dark, I come back and look at Mommy and Daddy and they will usually help me find it.

I used to go to work at the church with Mommy and Daddy, but when Daddy quit working, now I stay home with him.  Mommy still goes to work, and Daddy and I went to work with her a couple of days last week.  It had been a long time since I got to do that!   I was soooo happy!!  When I saw Daddy packing up my bed and bowl, I couldn’t believe it at first, but then I just knew we were going to do something FUN so I really got excited!!  I got to see some of the people I used to see, and it was great because they all petted me!  I loved that!

Boy, a few minutes ago I got kind of nervous and came and stood closer to Mommy.  There was such a big sound from outdoors, I wasn’t sure whether I should be scared or what.  Mommy said it is just raining really hard right now and it’s okay, so I laid down close to her.  I hope that rain stops sometime soon because I may need to go outside again before too long.  When it rains really hard, my towel doesn’t get me very dry, and I don’t like being cold and wet!

Well, Mommy said I have to say goodbye now.  Maybe she will help me write again sometime soon.  Now — time for a nap.

More About Suzie!

by bquick


SUZIE – our loving, wonderful canine friend, housemate, and fun-loving dog!  At about eleven and a half years old, she is not able to run up and down the hall in our home as many times now, but can still, occasionally, manage a couple of trips to the bedroom and back to the living room all at a fast-paced run.  She loves entertaining us, in the evening especially.  She will play with a toy or ball in the living room first, then suddenly gets inspired to take off to the bedroom at the other end of our mobile home.  After a couple of times, she then has to take a little rest.

When I’m home Suzie comes to me and wants me to tell my husband that she wants to go out.  She is so funny, “talking” to me and throwing her head around toward him.  We told her she should say “out” so now she yawns and ends with “ow” and when we say, “Do you have to go out?” she answers with “mmm” or sometimes “yah” and then looks very proud of her accomplishment.  There are times she wants out, and then as soon as my husband picks up her leash, she goes over and starts eating her food.  However, he has to keep the leash with him or she waits until he does have it before finishing eating.  She has us trained very well!  Haha!

Someone has “dumped” a cat and it has decided to live under our mobile — but not by our choice!  We are “dog people” and not “cat people” but we are feeding it until we can find it a home of its own.  When Suzie is taken out to go for a walk or to go potty, the cat is waiting by the door and the two “kiss” as Suzie comes out and goes down the steps.  When we got Suzie, at about age 2, she lived with a cat and another dog, and evidently the cat has lived with a dog at some time.  It seems to be a  well-behaved cat, so we hope to find someone who wants it soon.

Sometimes Suzie will try to “talk” and tell us something, but we can’t always figure out just what she is telling us.  She will keep trying and sometimes we guess the right thing and she is so happy!  She has always been very talkative.  In fact, her first visit to the vet, she had to have a shot, and sort of grumbled under her breath to me.  The vet was startled and asked if she was growling, but I reassured her that Suzie was just “complaining” to me.  However, when Suzie plays, she does growl, sometimes sounding fierce, as part of her play.  She will have a ball or other toy between her paws, let go of it, then grab the ball/toy and growl if we act like we are going to come and get it.  She has fun playing like that.  She is a pretty aggressive chewer on rugged toys, but enjoys squeaky toys and treats them much more gently.  She will go to her toy box and check over the toys until she finds just the right one to play with, and then pick it out from among all of her toys.  She keeps a few favorites just inside the bedroom door for mornings, and if they are put into the toy box, will retrieve them and put them back in the bedroom.

I find it so interesting the way our dogs over the years think so differently about things.  In many ways we have found that Suzie seems to think and analyze things much more than our other dogs did.  She also understands much more of what we tell her, and really gets our pattern of living down.  The days I work, Suzie knows what time I usually come home, and my husband said that she gets a little concerned if I am late some days.  Mornings she hears the alarm clock’s  tiny click before it starts with a very soft ring.  She jingles the tags on her collar before the alarm really gets loud enough to wake us, so she is our morning “alarm.”  Haha!  It doesn’t even matter to her when our schedule changes day by day, she is just quiet but ready for whatever time our clock is set to ring.

I’m sure you can’t tell that Suzie is much loved!  Haha!

Another of Our Past Dogs — We Named Her Buffy!

by bquick

This picture looks just like Buffy.

When we got Buffy, we were told by her previous owner that they couldn’t keep her as they were keeping one of her male offspring, so they needed to let her go.  They said that Buffy (I don’t remember what they had named her before we got her) had started running with a pack of dogs through the orchards near their home, so they felt it was time to find her a new home. That was fine with us!

Buffy came to live with us when our daughter was in her early teens.  She wanted Buffy to be “her Dog.”  That lasted a very short time, as she was a busy girl with several friends and they all kept busy together.  Lauri, our daughter, began finding less and less time to spend with Buffy.  Oh, not that she ignored Buffy, she was just busy or gone a lot of the time.  Between school and friends, she really kept busy!  So, Buffy hung out more and more with me and my husband.  Lauri was disappointed, but didn’t spend too much time worrying about it, as I remember.

Early on, our vet commented that Buffy had been abused in her past as her nose was crooked, sort of pointed a little off to one side.  He felt Buffy had been hit or kicked to cause such a permanent injury.  Buffy seemed fine with anything we did though, and until the vet pointed out her nose to us, we really hadn’t noticed that it was crooked.  The only sensitivity that Buffy seemed to have, was when one of the other vets in the office tried to pick her up by the back of her neck.  She would scream in pain or fright, we weren’t ever sure which.

Buffy had some strange, little, I guess I would call them “habits.”  If any male, young or old, came to our house, she would bark loudly and rather viciously if they were wearing a hat of any kind.  We found that out when one of our son’s friends came over wearing a hat, and she only stopped barking when he took the hat off.  Another strange quirk, she would bring “presents” on our back deck, I guess for us.  We weren’t sure.  Her “presents” were dead gophers or moles.  My husband would use the shovel to put them into the trash can.  One time when he picked up the “dead” animal, it suddenly sprang to life, really startling him and Buffy!  We guess it was only playing like it was dead.

We had three steps going down from the deck into the yard, and Buffy loved taking a running jump over the steps, both up and down, and could not be stopped from doing that.  One day she went running and leaped over the steps, but evidently she landed wrong and broke her front leg at the shoulder.  We took her to the vet’s office, and since we just didn’t have $600+ to have surgery on her leg, they wrapped and immobilized it with heavy, thick bandaging.  She never let that injury stop her from her enjoyment of life though.  Sadly, just as her leg was healed, she was diagnosed with heart fibrillation and had to be put down.  She had been a fun part of our lives, but that fun ended too soon!

Our Daughter and Our Dog – When They Were Young!

by bquick

happy-dog-owner1-300x225-1When our daughter was maybe a couple of years old and our son was about five, we had a gray miniature poodle who we named GiGi.  GiGi was a smart dog!  She would run to the door and bark when someone rang the doorbell, and all I had to do was point at her and quietly say “enough” and she would quit barking and then I could answer the door in peace.  She was so cute and fun to have as part of our family!

I remember one time when we had taken our kids to get ice cream cones, and GiGi was in the car with us.  We all sat in the car eating our ice cream cones, and a few minutes later our son called our attention to our daughter.  She was eating a little ice cream and then offering the cone to GiGi to take a lick of ice cream too.  We told her that she really shouldn’t do that, but she was enjoying sharing so much that she didn’t want to stop.  I’m sure GiGi also didn’t want her to stop.  They both survived the incident, happily!

GiGi also rode with us when we went on a day trip in the car and was so good on the ride.  She just loved being with all of us, no matter what we were doing.  We bought a dog clipper which I used to keep her hair trimmed as it seemed to grow very fast.  It was so curly that it was very hard to keep it decent if it got very long, so it was much better to keep it trimmed, not too short though, just short enough to be able to brush through the curly hair.

Our daughter in particular loved how GiGi would follow her around the house and loved to sit and be petted by her.  Both of them were content to spend some time each day or evening together, enjoying the time they spent with each other.  In fact, I think GiGi slept in our daughter’s room at night too.  (It’s been a long time ago now, but to the best of my memory, that’s where she spent her nights.)

After many years at a couple of our homes, and a couple of moves, I haven’t found any pictures of GiGi, but the picture that was placed on my website, reminded me so much of our ice cream cone incident, that I feel that is the best picture to use here too!

Dog Doors — Show Them How to Use It!

by bquick

images[5]Early in our marriage, we both wanted to have a dog.  Our first dog was a black dog with semi-long hair.  We had no idea of breed, but my guess is totally a mixture of breeds. We named him Inky.

When Christmas came, we taught Inky to sit and beg, which he did so well!  He sat right on his rear end, with his front paws bent at the “wrists” and seemed to instinctively know that would bring him a treat.  About that same time he began “talking” and what we both heard was, “I want my mama.”  If we would repeat those words he would say that again, over and over.  Others who heard him could hear those words too, so it wasn’t just our imagination.  Haha!  He loved performing for everyone with the begging and talking.  He even got his picture and a write-up in the local paper, with him sitting up and begging in front of an imitation fireplace, and the story told about his talking.

We lived in a rented little house behind the owner’s larger, nicer home.  We had a screened, covered porch which housed our washer and dryer.  We asked the owner if we could cut a hole in the one side and make a dog door so Inky could go in and out to our fenced yard.  The owner agreed, so my husband went about fixing up a dog door for Inky.  We had a thin, lightweight piece of wood for the door, with hinges at the top.  At that time we had not found dog doors in our local stores, so we did the best we could.  Then came the challenging part — how to teach Inky to go in and out the door.  We were young and my husband decided after trying coaxing, he needed to show Inky how to use the door.  So, as Inky and I watched, he crawled out the dog door and back in a few times, as he coaxed Inky to follow, which Inky finally did!  Inky loved his new found freedom!

Later, after moving to a different home, we adopted our infant son, Danny.  At first Danny slept in our room, but as he got a little older, we moved him into the other bedroom.  Then Inky decided that he was in charge of being the watch-guard for Danny, and he took up residence under the crib whenever Danny was in there.  It worked out quite well most of the time, however, when a person Inky didn’t know came one day, he was bound that stranger wasn’t going to harm “his baby.”  Instead of the playful, happy dog he normally was, he decided his duty was to protect Danny, which he did very well!  We finally were able to calm him down enough that he let our visitor look at Danny at least.  So all ended well that day.

P.S.  We later learned that treats worked just as well for teaching a dog how to use a dog door (rather than having to climb through it).  You first hold the door wide open, with the door toward you, and with the dog on the other side of it and coax them to come through.  Then hold it a little less open for the next few times.  Then try letting it hang closed, coax the dog to come to you by pushing the door themselves.  If not, try holding it a little open again and coax them to come through it.  After a few tries, they will usually realize they can do this themselves, and of course, then you heap praise on them plus give them a treat.

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