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Do we really “own” our dogs — or, do our dogs “own” us?

110_F_7205396_BcfxDv2sTpKUwgAj1iTLEnE2l7PxT05V_PXPHave you ever thought about whether we truly “own” our dogs?  I have been contemplating this question, and I wonder what our dogs believe about this!  Some dogs seem to think they are our “boss,” while others are very happy to have us in charge of everything.  The followers are easier in many ways, but the ones who feel they are the leaders may be more protective of us overall.

All of the dogs we have had as a part of our family over the many years of our marriage, have probably been a little bit in the middle of being leaders or followers.  There were times with each of them when they felt compelled to try to be the “boss,” and if they weren’t acting appropriately, we had to correct them.  Other times they decided to ignore what we were telling them that we wanted them to do.  Some of the dogs we’ve known and loved have been anxious to please us, but others have not been quite as willing, at least at times.  There are times that our dogs have been very much like our children in their responses.  I often wonder if they see themselves as our children.  Have you ever thought about that?

Our current best friend is Suzie.  She is about 12 years old, and has been the sweetest dog we’ve ever known.  She loves people and they all love her back.  Her picture is on some of the blogs on this site.  I feel we rescued her, as when we first met her she was tied up in a dirt front yard at a home of some people who were moving and couldn’t take her with them.  She had MANY fleas on her tummy, and was so happy to go with us within minutes after we first met her.  According to the previous owner, she was “about two” when she first came to live with us.   When we moved a few years ago, she seemed to be just as at-home in our new home as she had been in our previous home.  She still is very loving and mostly tries to please us.  She does have some little “games” she likes to play though.  You can read about her life here with us in the blogs, which she “helps” me write now.

I’m glad you are here, and I hope you will come back often!

Barbara — and Suzie, of course!

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  1. rolandtakaoka

    Just read your article by Suzie! What fun! Keep up the good work, Barbara. You’re very entertaining.


  2. admin

    Thank you for your comment. I appreciate you coming by and hope you’ll check back again.

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