Today Was a Happy Day for Suzie!

What a Happy Day!

DSCF0122Today started out sunny and bright and that made for a really happy day for Suzie — that’s me!  I know Mommy and Daddy like the rain because they keep saying how we need the rain and something about us having a bad drought — whatever that is.  I just know that I don’t like to have to go out in the rain, so I was really happy today with the sunshine.  It was pretty cold this morning, but then it was really nice and warm during the rest of the day.  I liked it so much, I told Mommy I needed to go out pretty often today.  I did go potty when she took me out, just to please her.

I Hope My Big Sister Comes Over!

Daddy isn’t feeling too good lately.  He’s got something called Parkinson’s Disease.  I don’t really know what that is, but I heard Mommy tell her brother on Skype that Daddy has that.  Sometimes he just isn’t able to take me for a walk now because he doesn’t feel very strong.   Mommy said I’m too hyper for her to take me for a walk, so I hope my big sister comes over pretty soon again.  She takes me for a walk and we even get to jog.  I don’t know whether she really wanted to jog, but when I showed her how to jog, she just followed along.  We made a pretty good jogging team.

At lunch today I got some really good little pieces of chicken, in addition to a couple of meaty strips that I really like too.  Mommy and Daddy had some good chips too, so I very politely stood and stared at them as they ate their chips, and they did share some pieces with me.  I know just how to do that really well!

We Had Stew!

Dinner tonight was really special because we had stew!  I LOVE stew!  I love all kinds of stew, and I even love the veggies that Mommy cooks in with the meat and sauce or gravy.  Tonight we had cut-up red potatoes, two kinds of squash, and chicken teriyaki meat balls.  It was so yummy good!  I got a little bit first, and then when Mommy and Daddy were done eating they saved me a little bit more.  Of course I had my good dog food too.  The stew was just a little special treat — a taste of what Mommy and Daddy were eating.  All the time when Mommy is cooking stew, I hang out where I can see when she starts to dish it up.  Sometimes I try to hang out right by the stove as it’s cooking, but Mommy tells me I have to move out of the way.  So I reluctantly do, but I lie down just past the kitchen doorway so I can watch.  Whenever she tells me we are having stew, I keep a good watch!

Today was a really happy day for Suzie!  We are writing this pretty late, so now I’m going to bed.  I hope tomorrow is happy too!


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