Hi Everybody! Suzie and Mommy Are Here!

We Had a Great Day Today!

Did You Have a Fun Day?

I sure hate the flash!

I sure hate the flash!

The sun came out early this morning, so I was really happy!  I knew my day would be fun right away when we got up today.  When Daddy was going to take me outside, I just couldn’t help myself — I ran around the living room and jumped for joy.  It wasn’t exactly about going out, I was just so happy that there was no more rain today and there was lots of sunshine! (more…)

Hi from Suzie!

Hello to Everyone!

Suzie Is Here!

DSCF0141Hi, I’m back with my stories and I hope you are here too.  I love to tell you my stories, with Mommy’s help, and I do hope that you like to read about me.  Mommy has been so busy that we haven’t gotten to write my stories for quite a while!  Last week Mommy and Daddy had to go to doctors and shopping and all sorts of other things.  I think it’s been almost a month since we got to write.  Tonight she said we can write my story again.  Hooray! (more…)


Tomorrow Is Christmas!

I Love Christmas!

DSCF0144Mommy said tomorrow is Christmas, and that make me, Suzie, very, very happy!  I love Christmas.  I always get two or three new bags of special treats — of course I only get one treat each day, not the whole bag!  I would actually love to have all of the treats in the bags right on Christmas, but Mommy and Daddy told me I would get sick if I ate them all.  Oh, well, I do get one of each new treat, so I guess that is okay. (more…)

Suzie Isn’t Happy!

Suzie Isn’t Happy When It Rains!

Once Again It Rained, and Suzie Isn’t Happy!

DSCF0125Oh My Goodness — it rained again today.  It rained for the past couple of days!  Mommy said it’s not supposed to rain tomorrow, but then it’s going to rain for a couple more days after that!  Do we really need this much rain?  Mommy and Daddy said that we do, but Suzie isn’t happy when we get more than one day now and then of rain.  I just really do not like to get wet — even my feet! (more…)

A Happy Day for Suzie!

Today Was a Happy Day for Suzie!

What a Happy Day!

DSCF0122Today started out sunny and bright and that made for a really happy day for Suzie — that’s me!  I know Mommy and Daddy like the rain because they keep saying how we need the rain and something about us having a bad drought — whatever that is.  I just know that I don’t like to have to go out in the rain, so I was really happy today with the sunshine.  It was pretty cold this morning, but then it was really nice and warm during the rest of the day.  I liked it so much, I told Mommy I needed to go out pretty often today.  I did go potty when she took me out, just to please her. (more…)

Suzie Doesn’t Like Rain!

No, Suzie Doesn’t Like Rain at All!

Mommy and Daddy Do Like Rain!

I'd rather have snow!

I’d rather have snow!

We’ve had rain a couple of days since Mommy helped me write last time.  Mommy and Daddy tell me I’m being silly because I just don’t like rain!  Yesterday when it rained, I just had to go potty so I had to go out.  I got out just to the end of the carport and saw that the big stepping stone was all wet, and I decided I didn’t have to go potty after all. (more…)

Suzie Isn’t Always Perfect!

Oh, Oh!  What Did Suzie Do?

Oh, my goodness!  Suzie isn’t always perfect?

110_F_532473_hyzHaOBcHjsCUvEXq8nxF3hVo7G4NA_PXPThe past few days have been pretty busy.  It seems like Mommy and Daddy have had to leave quite a few times.  Maybe that’s why I did something that I shouldn’t have done.  I stole and ate Daddy’s sandwich when he left the room for a few minutes.  That was a few days ago.  I guess I, Suzie, am not always perfect like Mommy and Daddy thought. (more…)


I’m Suzie!

Today I am a really happy Suzie!

110_F_15872772_ag2pN9LfuHwvX7IvHTuXHBFDCCSOLL4l_PXPI’m Suzie and today I am a really happy Suzie!  I got to go on two walks with my human Daddy and I LOVE walks!  It was a little bit cooler today, so my second walk didn’t have to be quite as late in the day.  Hooray!

Of course, I was ready to go all afternoon, but Mommy and Daddy worry when it’s hot outside.  They are afraid I will get burned feet.  Mommy told Daddy he should put his hand on the pavement to check first, just to be sure it’s okay to walk. (more…)


I’m Back!

A lot is always going on!

DSCF0064Well, I’m back — finally!  My human Mommy has been soooo busy lately she told me she just didn’t have time to tell our story for a while.  It seems like a lot is always going on!

I don’t think I’m going to get my second walk today because it’s 104 degrees outside right now!  Mommy and Daddy said it’s too hot for both Daddy and me to go walking!  We did get to go this morning when it was still only in the 70’s. (more…)


Today I’m back!

It’s Me, Suzie, telling you my story!

DSCF0063Hi, everyone!  It’s me, Suzie, with my human Mommy’s help, telling you my story.  Mommy has been so busy that we didn’t get to write as often as I would like, but, today I’m back!

I have to tell you — there are certain things I really don’t like.  The vacuum ranks pretty high in my dislikes!  It really worries me a LOT!   Mommy and Daddy try to tell me that it won’t hurt me (or them!), but I am just not convinced.  I am sure happy when it’s not being used!! (more…)


My Game!

Oh, yes, I even have more than one game!

Hi Everyone, Suzie here!  I’ve been having fun teasing Daddy, but he doesn’t look like he thinks it’s as much fun as I do.  I tell Mommy that I have to go out, then I look over or toss my head toward Daddy, so she will tell Daddy that I need to go out.  So then, after he gets up and walks over to “my chair” to get my leash, I follow him, and as he reaches for me, I hop and skip and dance away from his reach.  I am really having fun teasing him! (more…)


happy-dog-owner1-300x225-1Dogs and Owners!

The relationship between an owner and his/her dog is determined by a number of factors.

Pack instinct

Through the domestication of dogs they still retain their primitive instincts. Every dog belongs to a species that led a communal life. In every dog pack there is an order of rank and each member of that pack knows and accepts his or her place. There is only one leader who watches over, guides, disciplines and commands followers. The leadership will only be challenged by other members of the pack when the leader has shown to be incapable of leading. The domesticated dog still retains pack instinct. The dog must take its place in a pack which has human members. An owner must become leader of the pack. The owner must not only be the leader but also a friend. Owners should adopt an easy going nature. Dogs will develop mentally if their owners understand and appreciate their dog’s mental capabilities. (more…)