happy-dog-owner1-300x225-1Dogs and Owners!

The relationship between an owner and his/her dog is determined by a number of factors.

Pack instinct

Through the domestication of dogs they still retain their primitive instincts. Every dog belongs to a species that led a communal life. In every dog pack there is an order of rank and each member of that pack knows and accepts his or her place. There is only one leader who watches over, guides, disciplines and commands followers. The leadership will only be challenged by other members of the pack when the leader has shown to be incapable of leading. The domesticated dog still retains pack instinct. The dog must take its place in a pack which has human members. An owner must become leader of the pack. The owner must not only be the leader but also a friend. Owners should adopt an easy going nature. Dogs will develop mentally if their owners understand and appreciate their dog’s mental capabilities. (more…)