Tomorrow Is Christmas!

I Love Christmas!

DSCF0144Mommy said tomorrow is Christmas, and that make me, Suzie, very, very happy!  I love Christmas.  I always get two or three new bags of special treats — of course I only get one treat each day, not the whole bag!  I would actually love to have all of the treats in the bags right on Christmas, but Mommy and Daddy told me I would get sick if I ate them all.  Oh, well, I do get one of each new treat, so I guess that is okay.

On Christmas I always get at least one new toy too.  Other Christmases I have gotten an unstuffed animal toy, or a squeaky toy, or a new ball — something that I really like to cuddle or play with!  I wonder what new toy I will get this Christmas.  Golly, I can hardly wait, but I guess I’ll have to.  Mommy and Daddy said I have to wait and see what I get tomorrow.

I guess I’ll go to bed and then I’ll write some more and tell you all about my Christmas gifts.

Christmas Morning!

Oh, boy, was Christmas morning fun!  I got three new bags of treats, and I got to have one treat from each bag this morning.  Yummm!  I got a new little chew “thing” that I wasn’t too interested in yet.  Maybe later.  My most fun toy was a funny, squeaky, sort of round ball with little rubber feet at the bottom.  It has funny little, skinny rubber “bumps” all over it, except on the feet.  Right at first, I wasn’t sure about it.  Mommy squeaked it for me, and it’s got a pretty loud squeak.  I decided I’d just let it sit there for a while until later.

I Love My New Toy!

After we ate breakfast, and I went out again to go potty, I thought about the new toy, so I ran over and picked it up.  I threw it into the air, stepped on it, raced around the living room and part way down the hall with it in my mouth, squeaking it as I ran.  When I throw it, it bounces all around, sort of crazy-like, which makes it even more fun.  It squeaks really easy too, so I really had fun with it.  Then I got tired, so I left it for later after I rest a little.  I get tired pretty fast now, because I’m a little past twelve years old, which in dog years, makes me a “senior.”  I hide my age pretty well for a while, but sometimes I just have to rest up a little sooner now.

The Day After Christmas!

Mommy and Daddy had to do some errands today before lunchtime.  If they are home, I am “on guard duty” and I warn them about anything I hear that might be bad by barking.  When they are gone, I get to mostly sleep until they get home again.  Then I’m back on guard duty.  I have to keep them safe by warning them if I hear any strange noises.  I only do that for them.  I don’t even do that if my big sister is here alone with me.  Today Mommy and I heard “knocking” and I “sounded the alarm!”  No one was at the door, and Mommy decided it was a bird pecking at the outside of our home.  That was pretty weird!

Well, I have to take a rest now, but I’ll be back soon.


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