I’m Suzie!

Today I am a really happy Suzie!

110_F_15872772_ag2pN9LfuHwvX7IvHTuXHBFDCCSOLL4l_PXPI’m Suzie and today I am a really happy Suzie!  I got to go on two walks with my human Daddy and I LOVE walks!  It was a little bit cooler today, so my second walk didn’t have to be quite as late in the day.  Hooray!

Of course, I was ready to go all afternoon, but Mommy and Daddy worry when it’s hot outside.  They are afraid I will get burned feet.  Mommy told Daddy he should put his hand on the pavement to check first, just to be sure it’s okay to walk.

We Couldn’t Go Our Regular Way!

We didn’t get to go quite as far because we couldn’t go our regular way.  That barking little bulldog was out there and the minute we started out the door, it started in barking loudly.  So Daddy took me a different direction so we wouldn’t get close to that noisy dog.  I thought we made friends a few days ago, which made me and Daddy happy, but after we checked each other out from head to tail, that darned dog started barking loudly at me and Daddy.  We had to get out of there really fast then because neither one of us wanted to have that darned dog attack us.  Today the dog quit barking when we didn’t go near it, so that was good.

Mommy Cooked Chicken Tenders!

Tonight Mommy cooked chicken tenders with teriyaki liquid on them and I got to have some little bites of it too.  I really liked it a lot!  Of course I would have liked to have a lot more than I got, but I was happy to have anything I really like.  Oh, I like a lot of things that they have!  I even eat little bits of veggies if I have meat that I like.  Once in a while they have something that I don’t like, or dogs shouldn’t eat, so then Mommy gives me some ham or chicken like we had at lunch that day.  I guess she saves some for me and I’m always happy about that!

I Kept Listening for the Mail Truck!

Today I kept listening for the mail truck, but Mommy and Daddy told me today was a holiday and the mail truck wasn’t coming.  I wasn’t sure about that, so I did keep listening.  I guess maybe they were right because I never did hear it.  Did I tell you before, I tell them when the mail truck goes by, and I tell them when the alarm clock starts to ring too.  That makes them happy and I love helping them.

I’m So Happy!

I’m so happy every morning when we go for our walk, and then Daddy brushes me after we get home.  Mommy tells me how pretty I look when we come in.  I like that!  When it’s raining we don’t get to go on a walk because I don’t really like to walk in the rain.  But it’s been a little while now since we had rain, so we have been on lots of great walks!  Even though Daddy and I are both getting older, I sure do love those walks!  I am happy Suzie most of the time!

I’ll write again soon — as soon as Mommy can help me again!


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