My Game!

Oh, yes, I even have more than one game!

Hi Everyone, Suzie here!  I’ve been having fun teasing Daddy, but he doesn’t look like he thinks it’s as much fun as I do.  I tell Mommy that I have to go out, then I look over or toss my head toward Daddy, so she will tell Daddy that I need to go out.  So then, after he gets up and walks over to “my chair” to get my leash, I follow him, and as he reaches for me, I hop and skip and dance away from his reach.  I am really having fun teasing him!

Then, if I have any food or biscuits left, I eat, watching to see that he is waiting for me to come back to him.  If he puts the leash down or goes into another room, I go lie down and watch for him to come back, so I can play my “game” with him all over again.  I don’t know why Daddy doesn’t think that’s a fun game, but I sure do!  I like to play that game at least once a day, and some days I even do that several times.

I Have Another Game!

I have another game that I sometimes play with Daddy.  When he takes me out, sometimes I just wanted to go look around.  Once I see there is nothing out there to interest me, I head for the house.  Daddy doesn’t seem to think that is having fun either.  I sure do though!  I only do that game once in a while.

I am actually having fun when I tell Mommy to tell Daddy I want to go out.  If Mommy isn’t in the room and I really need to go out, I do tell Daddy, but it’s really more fun to “talk” to Mommy and have her tell Daddy what I am saying.  She guesses really well when I talk to her!  Sometimes Daddy either doesn’t understand what I am telling him, or sometimes I think he wants to ignore me, so I go tell Mommy then too.

Another Game I Like to Play!

I have yet another game I like to play.  While Mommy and Daddy are eating I go find one of my favorite balls; I especially like the squeaky ones.  Then I run around playing ball by myself for a few minutes right in front of them so they can see how much fun I’m having.  Then I toss the ball to one of them.  Usually I toss it on the floor near them, but a couple of times it went up higher and almost landed in their food.  They didn’t think that was too good, so then I have to give up playing while they finish eating.

I can sense when I’ve done something that wasn’t good, even without them scolding me.  Most of the time that game goes really well though, and when they finish eating they do throw the ball for me, until I get tired and go lie down.

Well, I think I’ll go lie down for nap now, so Mommy and I will write more again soon.


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