We Had a Great Day Today!

Did You Have a Fun Day?

I sure hate the flash!

I sure hate the flash!

The sun came out early this morning, so I was really happy!  I knew my day would be fun right away when we got up today.  When Daddy was going to take me outside, I just couldn’t help myself — I ran around the living room and jumped for joy.  It wasn’t exactly about going out, I was just so happy that there was no more rain today and there was lots of sunshine!

I Didn’t Even Have to Listen for Thunder Today!

We had a few days of really stormy weather with big winds and lots of hard rain.  I was on guard those days, so if I heard thunder I could warn Mommy and Daddy.  Mommy could see how worried I was and she told me to put my ears down, that I didn’t have to be all worried.  She said that we were inside and the hard rain and wind couldn’t bother us, they were just noisy.  I wasn’t really convinced though.

Any Day When the Sun Is Shining, Is a Good Day!

Today, no worries!  The house was so bright we didn’t even need to have lights a lot of the time.  I was even hungrier today, because I knew if I had to go out to go potty, I wouldn’t get all wet.  I am just so much happier when we have bright sunshine.  It wasn’t very warm out in the morning, but it was bright and sunny, so that was okay with me.

It Even Got a Little Bit Warm Today!

Later in the afternoon today, it was sort of lukewarm, and Mommy said it is supposed to get even warmer the next few days.  That sounds really good to me!  I love warm weather — not hot — just warm enough.  If it gets too hot, then the street is too hot to walk on, but if it is just warm, I love it.  Do you like warm weather too?

Today Was Trash Day!

Usually I get to walk out front with Daddy when he takes the trash cans out there for the trash man.  Today, he almost forgot to take the cans out until Mommy reminded him.  I guess because it was later and we had already been out, he took them out without me.  Maybe he will let me help next time, but I was a little disappointed today.

I’ve Got a Lot of My Toys in the Living Room!

Every so often, Mommy or Daddy pick them up and put them back into my toy box.  Then I just have to go and get them out, one by one again.  Some of my toys are my favorites and those are the ones I bring into the living room so they are close by if I want to play with them.  Oh, I know, my toy box is just around the corner from the living room, but I just like to have my toys where I can see them if I decide to grab one and run around with it.  I like to have fun, do you?

I’m tired of writing now, so I’ll come back another day.


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