Hello to Everyone!

Suzie Is Here!

DSCF0141Hi, I’m back with my stories and I hope you are here too.  I love to tell you my stories, with Mommy’s help, and I do hope that you like to read about me.  Mommy has been so busy that we haven’t gotten to write my stories for quite a while!  Last week Mommy and Daddy had to go to doctors and shopping and all sorts of other things.  I think it’s been almost a month since we got to write.  Tonight she said we can write my story again.  Hooray!

Today Was a Great Day!

Today was a GREAT day!  Mommy said it’s the end of January and it was 71 degrees and so nice and sunny and warm.  I loved it!  Mommy is watching the TV news and they just said it will be 73 degrees tomorrow.  Gosh, I wish I still had my dog door so I could run outside whenever I wanted.  I used to love to go out and take sun baths.  Here, I have to ask Mommy or Daddy to take me out.  Sometimes I even make believe I have to go potty so I can go out in the sunshine for a little bit.  If they get too anxious for me to go potty after I’ve snooped around for a while, I quickly make believe like I’m about to go, and then I head for the door instead.

I Don’t Know Why They Don’t Like My Games!

I haven’t figured out yet why they don’t like some of my little games.  I think I have some really fun games!  One day I backed out of my collar when Daddy took me outside.  He couldn’t figure out how I did that and he wasn’t very happy!  He scolded me and made me go back inside right away.  Mommy tightened my collar a little, so I probably can’t play that game on him again.  They do like when I run around and play with one of my squeaky toys or a ball.  I can throw my balls and toys pretty well and sometimes I can even catch my ball after I throw it.  If I throw it by Mommy or Daddy they throw it back to me.  That’s fun too.

I Miss My Big Sister!

I miss my big sister.  She hasn’t been able to come down for a while now.  They had to sell their car a few weeks ago to pay something called PG&E.  Mommy told Daddy what they said on the phone, and I was listening.  It was so fun when they could drive down here and visit.  I don’t really like to ride in our car anymore after we drove over our icy street one time; it really scared me because it was so noisy and bumpy.  So now the only way I get to see my big sister and brother-in-law, is when they can come down here.  I sure hope they can get another car soon.  I miss going on a jog with my sister.

My Brother-In-Law Pets Me Really Good!

My brother-in-law has something called cancer.  He has to go in the hospital sometimes and he gets really sick from some of the medicine they give him.  I sure hope he gets well soon, because he pets me really good.  I like when he is well and can come by and help Mommy and Daddy fix some things here.  He knows how to fix a lot of things, and they are happy when he can come too.  He can fix things that Daddy can’t do anymore, and things that Mommy can’t do either.  When I was younger, Daddy could fix quite a few things, but he can’t now.  Oh well, when I was younger, I could run up and down the hall a lot more times than I can now too.  I still do like to try though!

I hope we can write another story soon.  Mommy said she will try to have time again — soon!

‘Bye for now.  It’s past my bedtime, and I’m sleepy.


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