Some Days Are Really Fun!

Today I did have a fun day!

2011-05-06 14.47.33Today my big sister came by pretty early.  I do have a fun day when she comes for a visit.  We all had breakfast together, watched some TV shows, and talked.  Oh yes, I do talk to my human family members.  They don’t always understand exactly what I am telling them, but a lot of times they do understand.

While my sister was here, she took me out each time I asked to go outside.  She even took me for a walk, which I loved.  When Daddy takes me walking, we go really slow because he can’t walk very fast now.  When my sister takes me for a walk — we get to jog.  When we both get a little too tired, we slow down, but it is fun to jog with her!  She is really good at petting my tummy too!  That’s another reason I like to have her come for a visit!

Mommy Drove My Sister Home!

A little before lunchtime Mommy drove my sister home.  I hated to see her leave, but she said she had to go home and check on her dogs.  When Mommy got back home, we had lunch.  She always gives me a little bit of meat and bread just like their sandwiches, plus I get a couple of biscuits or strips.  One strip I love is made of bison meat — it’s my top favorite of all times!!

Daddy sleeps a lot, so I sort of keep Mommy in view, and follow her if she goes into another room.  When she works on her computer, I always like to lie near her, even when she is doing other computer things, other than my stories.  When she does my stories, I am right there to help her.

Mommy Tried to Get a Couple of New Pictures of Me!

Mommy tried to get a couple of new pictures of me a few days ago, but I really don’t like the bright light from the camera.  Mommy called it the flash, but I just don’t like it.  When I was younger, I didn’t mind it as much, but now I like to hide from it.  Mommy took me out on the porch to try to get a picture — she called it a selfie — of her and me.  I knew that bright light would go off, so I hid behind her.  She finally gave up and we went back inside.  Mommy told me that she found some pictures that look kind of like me on the internet, so she thought she would use those sometimes when we write my stories.

Tonight we are writing my story pretty late at night, so Mommy said we have to stop now so we can get some sleep.  Boy, I hope my big sister comes again soon for a visit!  For now though, I have to go to bed.


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