Today I’m back!

It’s Me, Suzie, telling you my story!

DSCF0063Hi, everyone!  It’s me, Suzie, with my human Mommy’s help, telling you my story.  Mommy has been so busy that we didn’t get to write as often as I would like, but, today I’m back!

I have to tell you — there are certain things I really don’t like.  The vacuum ranks pretty high in my dislikes!  It really worries me a LOT!   Mommy and Daddy try to tell me that it won’t hurt me (or them!), but I am just not convinced.  I am sure happy when it’s not being used!!  Oh, I do have other dislikes too, but the vacuum is something that I have to be around oftener than rain, thunder, firecrackers, and other noisy, scary, annoying things.

Things I Like!

I have lots of things I like too.  I LOVE burgers of all kinds!  I don’t care if they are made from yummy beef, or tasty turkey or chicken, or even “fishy” salmon!  I love them all!!  Mommy said she read that dogs don’t usually like fish of any kind, but I don’t think a dog wrote that, because it’s wrong.  I do like most kinds of fish, or maybe it’s just the way Mommy cooks it.  If she tells me we are having any kind of burger, I hang out near the kitchen to be sure she remembers to fix a little for me.  I think if she sees me, she will know that I want some!

I Like to Lie Somewhere Nearby!

Mommy and Daddy think it’s “cute” the way I like to lie somewhere nearby when Mommy is working on her computer.  Of course, when we are working on my stories, I have to be nearby.  Other times, if Daddy is in the shower, or sleeping, or outdoors, I just like to be near Mommy.

I have to let her know if I hear anything I think I should tell her about.  She tries to shush me, but if it is some other dog barking, or a sound I don’t recognize, or anything I think I should warn her about, I bark pretty loudly.  She tells me that everything is okay, and that there is no reason to bark, but I just know better.  She just doesn’t realize there could be something “bad” nearby!  She tells me it’s “clear outside” and we are “in the house nice and safe,” but I don’t always agree, and I usually have to have the last “word” (or bark) in those “discussions.”

Mommy Talks on Her Little Computer!

Sometimes Mommy talks on her little computer (I think she told me it’s called a laptop).  My Uncle Jim and Mommy talk on that laptop with something she calls Skype.  I like to listen, but when Mommy tries to show me where Jim is, I get very nervous because I can’t find him.  She turns her computer toward me, but I go around back of it looking for him.  How could he be in that little thing!  It’s so flat and small, he just can’t be in there!

It’s not like the big TV where I can see dogs and cats and people.  Sometimes I even get kind of nervous with the big TV, because if there was really a dog in there, wouldn’t it come out into the living room so we could play?  Mommy and Daddy tell me I’m pretty silly, but I think they are the silly ones and I’m the one who really knows what’s going on!

Well, I missed my nap when the vacuum was running.  So, now that the house is quiet again, I think I will take a nice nap.  I’ll talk to you pretty soon again.


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