No, Suzie Doesn’t Like Rain at All!

Mommy and Daddy Do Like Rain!

I'd rather have snow!

I’d rather have snow!

We’ve had rain a couple of days since Mommy helped me write last time.  Mommy and Daddy tell me I’m being silly because I just don’t like rain!  Yesterday when it rained, I just had to go potty so I had to go out.  I got out just to the end of the carport and saw that the big stepping stone was all wet, and I decided I didn’t have to go potty after all.

I knew I’d get my feet wet, and if the rain was still falling, I’d get wet all over.  So, I turned around and headed back for the porch.  Mommy told me she didn’t think it was raining, but I didn’t care.  I wasn’t going to take any chances right then!

I Listened for Quite a While!

A little later, after lying in the living room behind Mommy’s chair in my curl-up spot, I listened for quite a while to see if I thought it was still raining or not.  I kept listening, and listening, and finally I decided it didn’t sound like there was rain falling, so I decided maybe I could go out finally.  By then, I had to really get out back in a hurry, so I took off almost running and Mommy kept up pretty well.

See where we live, we don’t have a fenced yard like I used to have at our old house, so they have to keep me on a leash whenever we go outside.  I do miss my dog door and fenced yard, but I do like our new home, so I can put up with the leash.  Anyhow, it wasn’t raining right then so I really took care of all my needs.  Then I headed back for the house, not quite as fast as when I went out, but I did move fairly quickly because I wasn’t going to take the chance of that wet, old rain getting ME all wet!

I Heard Some Thunder!

In the afternoon I heard some thunder way far off, and I don’t like thunder either!  I was really worried it would come closer like it does sometimes, so I kept listening.  Even if the TV is on I can still hear thunder, even if it is far away.  Happily, it never came really close this time!  I kept my ears at the ready so I would know if it did get close.

Mommy and Daddy don’t seem to worry about thunder, and they try to tell me that we are inside and the thunder is outside, so we are all just fine.  They don’t really convince me that it is okay though, because when it does come close, it is so loud that it is really scary!

I Sure Hope Not!

I heard Mommy say that in a few days we are supposed to have an even bigger rain storm.  I sure hope not!  I liked last winter because we didn’t get much rain.  It sure seems like we are going to have a lot of rain this winter, so I will just have to be on guard a lot so I can hear rain or thunder or whatever else that happens, I guess.  Mommy and Daddy always try to convince me that I should go out into the rain to go potty on rainy days, but I just decide not to, unless I just can’t wait any longer.  No, Suzie doesn’t like rain at all!


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