I’m Back!

A lot is always going on!

DSCF0064Well, I’m back — finally!  My human Mommy has been soooo busy lately she told me she just didn’t have time to tell our story for a while.  It seems like a lot is always going on!

I don’t think I’m going to get my second walk today because it’s 104 degrees outside right now!  Mommy and Daddy said it’s too hot for both Daddy and me to go walking!  We did get to go this morning when it was still only in the 70’s.

I’m sure happy that we have air conditioning because our home is nice and comfortable.  I can spread out on the carpet right under the ceiling vent and enjoy the nice cool air!  I know just where all of the cool spots are, and when I’ve been outside to go potty, I can go spread out under any of those nice, cool spots when I’m back inside again.

My Human Sister’s Fiance Was Here!

My human sister’s fiance was here a few days ago and saw some hornets or wasps going in and out from behind the shutters by our kitchen window.  He sprayed some special spray into there and some dead wasps fell out, and then, to everyone’s surprise, a couple of bats flew out and flew away.  None of us could figure how they even fit in that little, tiny space between the shutter and the siding.  Wow!  That day was pretty exciting!!

Mommy and Daddy Went Shopping!

A few days ago when Mommy and Daddy went shopping at Costco, Mommy brought me home a little piece of her hot dog.  When they go there I don’t mind too much because I can always look forward to that treat when they get home.

One time Mommy forgot about the piece of hot dog in her purse for a couple of weeks.  Then when she found it she said she had to throw it out because it might make me sick.  I don’t like to get sick, so I didn’t get too upset.  Now, though, I try to remind her when they get back home again, because I can smell the hot dog when they come in the door.

I Get Pretty Excited!

When Mommy and Daddy are watching TV I get pretty excited when I hear someone whistle or when a dog barks.  Mommy always tells me that is just on “some silly ad.”  Sometimes I’m not really sure she is right because it sure sounds like it’s real and there is either a person or a dog right in our living room!

Mommy Spends Quite a Bit of Time on Her Computer!

Mommy spends quite a bit of time on her computer, so I like to lie near her.  That way I am ready to spring into action when she turns off the computer and gets up to do something else.  It usually means she is about to fix some food for all of us.  I always get a little taste of whatever they are having and I really like that!  They always laugh when she tells Daddy that his plate is ready because I come running really fast in case there might be something more for me.  You know, maybe she forgot she already gave me my taste!

Well, it’s really time for a nice nap under the air vent, so I will be back again as soon as Mommy can make some time!


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