Oh, Oh!  What Did Suzie Do?

Oh, my goodness!  Suzie isn’t always perfect?

110_F_532473_hyzHaOBcHjsCUvEXq8nxF3hVo7G4NA_PXPThe past few days have been pretty busy.  It seems like Mommy and Daddy have had to leave quite a few times.  Maybe that’s why I did something that I shouldn’t have done.  I stole and ate Daddy’s sandwich when he left the room for a few minutes.  That was a few days ago.  I guess I, Suzie, am not always perfect like Mommy and Daddy thought.

Then something happened and I don’t know if it had anything to do with what I did or not.  I ended up with a tummy problem and had to go out in a hurry, only Mommy and Daddy weren’t at home right then.  So I left a mess.

I Didn’t Feel Good!

I guess they felt bad for me because I didn’t feel good and I couldn’t tell them I had to go out when they weren’t here.  Anyhow, Mommy cleaned up the mess, Daddy took me out, and everything was okay.  Well, for a while anyhow.

Every little while, the rest of the day, I had to go out in a big hurry!  At least they were here and one of them could take me out!  Bedtime came and during the night I had to wake Mommy and tell her that I had to go out in a hurry again — twice!  We did make it outside in time those times.  Mommy has a little problem keeping up with me though when I run really fast to get to my best potty spot.  That problem lasted a couple of days.

I Was Feeling a Little Better!

The very next day after that I was feeling a little better, and Mommy and Daddy had to leave and go pick up my big sister.  I was so happy to see her when they got back.  I laid right down and rolled onto my back so she could pet my tummy.  I hadn’t seen her for a while — it seemed like a really long while.  She seemed really happy to see me too.  I was so happy to see her that when I had to go out, I told her.

Mommy and Daddy told her about the problem I had for a couple of days, so they told her that just in case, she should sort of hurry me outside.  But all was good.  Then, after lunch, I told my sister that I had to go out, but I had another plan in my head.  Nobody knew but me.  Hee, hee!

I Started Running!

We got out back of the house, and when we got to an open spot in the bushes, I started running.  My sister ran with me, and we went on a nice, fast walk — we ended up going exactly where Daddy and I go for our walks.  There is a big hill down in one spot, then we go across a flat spot and back up the hill on the other side, just like Daddy and I do.  When we got back, my sister told Mommy and Daddy where we went and Daddy agreed that was where he and I always walk.  My sister said, “Boy, is Suzie STRONG!  I didn’t have a choice but to go with her.”  I thought that was a lot of fun!

Well, it’s getting to be bed time, so I have to quit writing for now.


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