Suzie Isn’t Happy When It Rains!

Once Again It Rained, and Suzie Isn’t Happy!

DSCF0125Oh My Goodness — it rained again today.  It rained for the past couple of days!  Mommy said it’s not supposed to rain tomorrow, but then it’s going to rain for a couple more days after that!  Do we really need this much rain?  Mommy and Daddy said that we do, but Suzie isn’t happy when we get more than one day now and then of rain.  I just really do not like to get wet — even my feet!

Mommy thinks it’s kind of strange because I am part Yellow Lab, and they are supposed to like water.  I guess it must be some of my other parts that don’t like rain — because I sure don’t like it!  If I even hear rain I get uncomfortable because I know they are going to want to take me out to go potty.  So, sometimes I fool them and I act like I want to go out, but when we get out there I won’t go out from under the carport and I won’t go potty!  I can be pretty stubborn if I don’t want to do something — like getting wet!  Hahaha!

I Hope Mommy is Right!

I just hope Mommy is right and tomorrow it doesn’t rain!  My big sister and brother-in-law are coming here tomorrow and I want to go on a walk (well, really a jog) with my big sister.  She’s really good about jogging with me.  In fact, she has to jog to keep up with me.  She is bigger than me, but I am actually older than she is, in “dog years,” and I can jog faster than she can.  I think that’s funny!

It’s been a while since my big sister could come because they had some kind of a rash or something.  I heard Mommy talking on the phone and then she told Daddy about what they had, but I didn’t know what it was.  I guess they had to put medicine on the rash and not be around people for a few days.  Oh well, it was raining so I couldn’t have gone for a jog if they had come.  I don’t know if my big sister likes to be in the rain or not, but I don’t, so I wouldn’t have wanted to go outside!

Mommy Said I’m Silly!

Mommy said I’m silly about not wanting to get wet, because they always dry me off with a special towel if I do finally have to give in and get wet and go potty.  I do wait as long as I possible can before I give in though, but sometimes I finally just have to go out.  Those times, I can tell you, Suzie isn’t happy, at all!  It just better not rain tomorrow!!

Well, I guess I will cuddle with my unstuffed toys.  Mommy said that’s what they are called.  They are nice and cuddly soft, so I like them a lot.  I leave them sort of in the bedroom doorway, and sometimes Daddy steps on one of them.  When it squeaks loudly, I get a little nervous.  I don’t want him to break any of them!

Maybe next time I write I will be happier.  We will have to wait and see!


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