I’m Suzie!

Today I am a really happy Suzie!

110_F_15872772_ag2pN9LfuHwvX7IvHTuXHBFDCCSOLL4l_PXPI’m Suzie and today I am a really happy Suzie!  I got to go on two walks with my human Daddy and I LOVE walks!  It was a little bit cooler today, so my second walk didn’t have to be quite as late in the day.  Hooray!

Of course, I was ready to go all afternoon, but Mommy and Daddy worry when it’s hot outside.  They are afraid I will get burned feet.  Mommy told Daddy he should put his hand on the pavement to check first, just to be sure it’s okay to walk. read more


I’m Back!

A lot is always going on!

DSCF0064Well, I’m back — finally!  My human Mommy has been soooo busy lately she told me she just didn’t have time to tell our story for a while.  It seems like a lot is always going on!

I don’t think I’m going to get my second walk today because it’s 104 degrees outside right now!  Mommy and Daddy said it’s too hot for both Daddy and me to go walking!  We did get to go this morning when it was still only in the 70’s. read more